The future of agriculture is not based on input intensive models as has been the case till now. It will be driven by agroecological approaches which integrate various knowledge systems such as organic/ natural/ biodynamic/ permaculture etc. to ensure food security and nutrition for all, provide social and economic equity, and conserve biodiversity and the ecosystem services on which agriculture depends.

Agroecology school offers various courses to build knowledge and skills in adapting agroecological skills to various contexts. Each course is carefully crafted to understand the basic science and rational behind every practice, involves knowledge and skill building along with exposure visits to practicing farmers.  Class room and on farm training sessions are included.

  Title of the course Duration Mode
1 Organic farming: theory and practice 6 days OC
2 Organic Seed Production 6 days OC
3 Organic Vegetable Production 6 days OC
4 Organic Certification and PGS 3 Days OC
5 Understanding Agroecology-learning from science and experiences 3 days OC/OL
6 Natural Resource Management in Agriculture 6 days OC
7 Tribal Agriculture 6 days OC
8 Organic Fruit Production 6 days  
9 Composting techniques 2 days OC/OF/OL
10 Climate Change and adaptation 6 days OC/OL
11 Rainfed Farming: risk mitigation and adaptation 6 days OC/OL
12 Water Management in Agriculture-

Rainwater Harvesting, Water budgeting and crop management

6 days OC/OL
13 Urban gardening 1 day OC/OF/OL
14 Home composting 1 day OC/OF/OL
15 Traditional Seeds conservation and revival 6 days OC/OF
16 Intensive Multiple Cropping Models 6 days OC
17 Introductory course on transition to Organic Natural Farming for Extension Staff 6 days OC
18 Agroecological approach to farming 4 months Residential/

Hybrid course

19 Training Community Resource Persons/Master Farmers on Organic farming 3 days OC
20 Master Trainers Course on Community Extension System for Agroecology promotion 6 days OC