With the crisis in agriculture and small holdings, net real incomes of farmers are affected.  While the existing livelihood opportunities need to strengthened, there is also a need to identify new sources for income enhancement.  Therefore, it is very important to look at opportunities that can be created for rural households, particularly for women and youth in farming and allied sectors which can supplement and complement the existing livelihoods. Using a livelihood framework to We focus on designing appropriate livelihood interventions involving a combination of both individual and collective (group) livelihood approaches adaptable to local situations and needs, along with building appropriate skills and capacities of the people. The interventions are both on farm and off farm to enhance incomes, establish collectives and to establish forward and backward linkages for sustainable results.

  Title of the course Duration Mode
1 Backyard Poultry 3 days OC
2 Production and marketing of Bio inputs locally 3 days OC/OF/OL
3 Mushroom production 3 days OC/OF/OL
4 Managing Fruits and Vegetable Collection Centres 3 days OC/OF/OL
5 Primary Food Processing: paddy, dall and oil milling 6 days OC/OF/OL
6 Bakery 3 days OC/OF/OL
7 Pickling 3 days OC/OF/OL
8 Solar dryers 3 days OC/OF/OL
9 Fruit juices and jams 3 days OC/OF/OL
10 Indian snacks 3 days OC/OF/OL