Collectivising farmers to improve their bargaining power with markets for better price realisation and improving the last mile delivery of services through farmer producer organisations is going to be the norm. However, FPOs suffer due to lack of trained human resources for improving management and governance.We are offering various courses for the CEOs and staff of FPOs, including board members, staff of government and non-governmental organisations to understand and manage their Farmer Producer Organisations. As a Rural Business School we will also run courses on value addition, marketing, and rural entrepreneurship for rural youth and women.

  Title of the course Duration Mode
1 Introductory course on Farmer Producer Organisations 6 days OC/OL
2 Training course for CEOs of FPOs 30 days OC
3 Business Planning for FPOs 6 days OC/OL
4 Accounting, Auditing and Legal Compliances for FPOs 6 days OC/OL
5 Marketing of Organic Food 6 days OC/OL
6 Value addition and Food processing opportunities at FPO level 6 days OC/OL
7 Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables 6 days OC
8 eKrishi: IT tools for farming 3 days OC/OL
9 Rural Entrepreneurship 45 days OC
10 New Policy Changes: Opportunities and Challenges to FPOS 6 days OC/OL
11 FPO management and Business Development 4 months Residential/